New Zealand: Toxic Mold Nightmare

The Chee family living in a Bucklands Beach (New Zealand) home for 9 years is suffering from the effects of leaks originating from an upstairs balcony leaking into the living room and spreading to the rest of the house.

The garage, living room and master bedroom areas have stachybotrys established. The mold known as stachybotrys, and other fungi produce toxic chemicals called mycotoxins. Individuals my inhale mold fragments, mycotoxins and spores, and react with allergic (or other) physical responses; the mold is linked to respiratory illnesses and infant deaths, but that is not a conclusive list by any means.

The New Zealand Weathertight Homes Tribunal awarded Joseph and Margaret Chee $141,800 for limited “target repairs.” The owner, Mr Chee had claimed $443,115.

The tribunal is set to rehear the case because of legal errors incurred.

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