Not Much Ado about Mold

For whatever reason, so far the government doesn’t take mold quite seriously. Or maybe they take it seriously, but the legal and medical lines aren’t well drawn.

For whatever reason, even though mycotoxins are toxins, if you look up government and medical information on mold-related environmental disease, mostly what you find are connections to children, the immunocompromised, the allergic. If that is the case in reality, why are ALL mold workers submitted hazmat suits, not just children, the immunocompromised, and the allergic?

This, in spite of humans being adversely affected by mold since the dawn of time.

And the damage goes on.

The Amesbury’s public library is the site of “a bloom of toxic mold” that hospitalized employee, and started a round of building air quality testing.

The problems have the common denominators: rainy summer, humidity, mold in a basement, airborne circulation. Water issues in the building, soaked foundation.

The emptied buildings will be retested; and after everything that is salvageable will be salvaged. How much remediation will be necessary has not yet been determined.

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