Orange County Records Turning to Blue Cheese

Oldie moldy records are something of a cliche, but apparently in the land of Goshen (Orange County), old mortgage records are literally molding.

So apparently now that this has been discovered, the basement records room has been closed for cleaning.

One wonders why records were put IN the basement to begin with since that’s one of mold’s favorite places. But other locations in the Goshen Government Center probably would fare no better since there’s a leaky roof involved. I can’t imagine how they forgot to run dehumidifiers in the moldy records room.

Anyway, they’re taking steps, though it isn’t clear what those steps are. Apparently everything is already on microfiche (wait, not digital? how 80s of them…) so they’re not too concerned about the hard copies. Seems like someone should get down there and start scanning everything over to digital before mold hits the microfiche too…


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