Otter Tail County: Did Mold Kill the Deer?

Is it a case of mold poisoning or did the deer simply eat themselves to death?

Deer in Otter Tail County apparently gorged themselves on local corn in the absence of herbage, and basically ate until they died. At one point, the deaths were considered a result of eating mold, but the mold involved is blue and green mold in corn and is not toxic. it is the red or pink mold that’s toxic, mold which contains aflatoxin. None of the mold that has been found actually contains aflatoxin.

The deer’s normal diet is alfalfa, and apparently, having no alfalfa unbalanced their diet.

Not that you should expect deer to show up to eat your house mold–though if that happened, you would certainly have a photograph to sell to the National Enquirer.

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