Positive with a Forecast of Skeptical

PRWeb has a press release for a new product touted for remediation. It is a “new technique” that kills and removes spores which are said to “biodegrade, essentially turning it into harmless particulates. While other commercial antimicrobials available kill the mold spore, it is still present inside the home or office unless it is hepa vacuumed from the surface, which can be a considerable extra expense.”

One of the problems with mold is that the spore itself, dead or alive, is an allergen. And spores are tough little packages nature designed for mold to survive between periods of moisture. After visible mold is removed, there remains a variable quantity of ambient mold spores. There is a measurable amount in outdoor air all of the time which varies according to region and season.

I look at this with a positive frame of mind–but seeing is believing.

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