Public Buildings in Mold Crisis

Every time I log on to the internet, I see another school that is closed due to mold. It seems to be practically an epidemic that old (or badly constructed new) public buildings get shut down due to mold.

Public buildings belong to us all. And when they are infested with mold, they threaten us all. This is such an ironic thing, since the law, which also belongs to us all, refuses to pin down key points in regard to mold.

Water leaks/intrusion, failure to keep water out of the building is what results in mold amplification. If your building is 100 years old and there is no moisture issue, you are not going to have mold growth. Mold spores, yes, but not visible mold. And the mold spores will probably be within the outdoors level.

If you’re the landlord, you’re accountable. If you’re the contractor who didn’t fix that roof, you’re accountable. But if you’re a victim of mold-related illness, the law is still wishy-washy on finding a connection between mold and illness, even when there are doctors who agree the illness is mold related.

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