RETURN to Mill Race Apartments

After an up and down roller coster, now the only conflict that remains is between the tenant and the landlord. And the mold.

The Mayor of Pine Grove stated that Wednesday’s test results show three types of mold in Mill Race Apartments. After a damning mold inspection investigation, the three-building apartment complex of 12 apartments was condemned and families put up in alternative housing, owners Chad and Dale Nagle, were required to have a certified remediatior.

But this was thrown out when tests results from different inspectors varied. Residents who were present during testing said opening doors and kicking up dust may have contaminated the results. The second investigator said wasn’t enough evidence in the air sample, even if it was inappropriately taken, to condemn the building.

However, Pine Grove Mayor Kimberly Brown-Zerbe said publicly “If it was my grandparent, I wouldn’t have let them moved back in there without having additional testing done. Unfortunately, laws regarding mold are very vague. The local ordinances regarding mold need to be looked at again.”

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