School Mold

Mold found at Northfield school may delay school opening. Testing by the insurance company indicated the mold was not a toxic mold.

(We wonder what they mean by that. Toxic mold is not necessarily TOXIC–the term is frequently use as a classification of black mold. Mold itself may be non-toxic but allergy sufferers’ bodies respond to the mold as if it were a toxin. So even non-toxic mold or dead mold can be harmful.

We do assume that the inspection confirms that the mold found at the school does not produce mycotoxins. Mycotoxins, literally are (Chemistry / Elements & Compounds) any of various toxic substances produced by fungi some of which may affect food or air.

Officials hope to open Northfield by Sept. 24. A shortened spring break and removal of some school holidays were approved to make up for days lost to mold remediation

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