And More School Systems Are Fighting Mold

Wet weather, flooding, leaking air conditioning, trapped humidity, old buildings, bad remodels: schools are scrambling to deal with mold-related delays:

Kellybrook Elementary School in the Liberty School District-KANSAS CITY, Mo. High mold levels and humidity are responsible for delaying the 2010 reopening of this one year old school. Using dehumidifiers and air filtration devices are not enough. The school board is turning to air-quality professionals to ensure a healthy air-flow when classes commence.

Rossville Junior and Senior High-Kaw Vallely school district, Kansas. Mold clean up and restoration is in progress but school will probably be starting a week late.

Regina Catholic Education Center-Iowa City parochial school- The elementary wing of the pre-K through grade 12 school is infested, probably from a leak in a shut-off valve above an air-handler unit. They set school opening for next Monday.

Pierce Elementary – Northeast Nebraska. Roof problems have jeopardized air quality. They are hoping to open by Sept. 7 but will not open if students health is threatened.

Northeastern High School-SPRINGFIELD, Ohio (nine rooms and the media center) The school is racing to complete cleanup before August 23. The district’s insurance company dispatched specialists.

Easly High School-EASLEY, S.C-Ongoing battle being fought with mold in 19 Easley High School classrooms and the gymnasium at Edwards Middle School. Already replaced the heating and air systems but mold returned this year but cleanup will hopefully be managed before classes begin.

Baker Middle School -BAKER, LA. After mold was discovered two weeks ago, an emergency declaration allowing the school to hire a mold remediation contractor. There are concerns about mold in more than a dozen classrooms although classes will begin anyway.

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