Spring Floods Lead to Summer Mold Cleanup

Flooding today means mold tomorrow. That’s bad news for Pensacola, where flood warnings are now the first consequence of the deluge in Southern Alabama and the Florida Panhandle. About fifteen inches of rain fell across southern Alabama and western portions of the Florida Panhandle on Sunday. Some areas suffered of more than 20 inches of precipitation in and near Pensacola, Florida.

Such rain leads to flooding, and flooding leads to mold. So when these families, some of whom evacuated, return to flooded homes, they need to get the water out and dry everything up as fast as possible. The longer the moisture is there, the worse the damage, the more likely mold will set in. But here’s the same drill we have suggested before. Don’t return to your flood-damaged home until the area is declared to be safe by local officials.

Fema can help. Fema offers disaster assistance, Crisis Assistance, legal services, , National Flood Insurance, , and disaster grants.

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