Tenants Fear Mold in Moldy Wet Miami 1420 NW Third St

The building at 1420 NW Third St is plagued with problems from hot water to holes in the ceiling in spite of rent over $500+ a month. One tenant’s shower is so badly rotted sheetrock fell on the tenant while she was bathing.

Tenants complain that the building smells of mold from water leaks which have not been repaired. Tucard Corp., which owns the 18-unit building has not been making repairs, according to tenants, and now tenants are being evicted from the building.

Even tenants who are paid up (some of whom had to buy their own appliances when the the ones provided quit) also claim that management has been negligent.

The landlord told the media that tenants “want to live there for free. They want us to make repairs but we can’t make the repairs if they don’t pay the rent.”

However an attorney with Legal Services of Greater Miami says that renters have the right to withhold their rent for material defects in a property.

A criminal case is pending against the previous building manager.

Neighborhood Enhancement Team in Little Havana reported hazardous conditions to city code administrators.

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