The Irony of Mold

It is legally difficult to pin down mold as a cause of illness, even though there is clear cause and effect evidence, scientific evidence and medical evidence.

Medically, mold has been found culpable in affecting the health of the immune-deficient, infants, or asthmatics, but the case is out for otherwise healthy individuals (even though they do tend to develop allergic responses when they are exposed.) The courts are still hammering out the connections, but that process is still somewhat derailed, largely because of the flawed ACOEM Mold Statement.

In spite of that malicious little piece of misinformation, some cases still find justice. Or attempt to.

The biggest irony in all of this is when inspectors–those individuals most frequently subjected to mold exposure as part of their profession–became ill from mold exposure their own government 1.pays them to inspect 2. denies that it is unhealthy 3. allows to grow in their own inspector’s offices.

In the archives of this blog, you will find a case of a florida inspector/gov’t official who died after working in a mold infested government building. And now there’s a case in the news where it is happening again in this Las Vegas Case. involving Southern Nevada Health District Inspector Dan Pauluk, whose job-related contamination brought death to himself and illness to his family.

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