The Mold Factor

Mold makes the Hollywood tabloids.This is how it happened:

We know that mold infestation in a residence can present a toxic environment, especially for immune-compromised individuals, infants and the elderly. This is indisputable. (The rest of the population being affected is something that is decided on a case by case basis since people’s responses vary. The main problem tends to be an allergic response, and allergies are very individualized.)

So Brittany Murphy and Simon Monjack died. Their house was known to have a persistent leak. In fact there was litigation going on involving leaky property and contractors. Leaks, as you know, are often related to mold, although family members deny the existence of mold in the house.

Pneumonia was involved in at least one of their deaths.

However, Los Angeles County Assistant Chief Coroner Ed Winter has come forward to deny that mold was not involved. The cause of Monjack’s death was ruled to be pneumonia.

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