Mold -The Unwanted Guest in your Bathroom

Sometimes you wish Mr. Clean would just show up with the scrubbing bubbles, the Ty-D-Bol Man, and all the guys from the “orphanage of cast-off mascots” just to deal with the bathroom. What is there to do when the bathroom looks perfectly clean but has that old mold smell?

Bathrooms are one of the places where mold turns up. Mold is like the homeless guys downtown looking for a card board box to move into and establish eminent domain. But the homeless mold spore isn’t looking for a nice dry box to keep out of the rain. It will be seeking out areas of humidity and darkness where it can nest in natural and organic hosts like wood, fabric, carpeting, tile, wallpaper, and sheetrock—maybe even hang around in crooks and crannies for years waiting for a single drop of water, or a nice hot summer, or a steamy unvented shower or your child to dump the contents of your purse in the toilet. If you suspect mold somewhere in your house, look for the water leaks. Your bathroom can be a good place to start.

If insurance or a lawsuit might be involved, a professional mold assessment company is also a good place to start. Such a company, like ByebyeMold (of course) will able to find the baseline (ambient mold count outdoors) to compare with your indoor results, perform professional sampling or other location methods (such as thermal), provide lab work and documentation to help establish your case, and do this with a long history of experience in following established and essential chain of custody procedures.

For purposes of litigation, regulatory agencies must prove the integrity of all samples introduced as evidence. This integrity is established by following a certain tracking protocol with possession, handling, and location of samples and data from collection. Your at-home genius with tools and home repairs may know the nuts and bolts backwards and forwards, but will his record-keeping satisfy the courts? Don’t sabotage your case by disregarding protocol! Get a professional!

If you’re in California, you might want to give us a call and see about getting an assessment from Byebyemold.

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