Toxic Mold in San Joaquin County Nipped in the Spore


In San Joaquin County, California, Julia Morgan Elementary School is under attack by mold.

Mold was found prospering underneath wallpaper in a couple of classrooms. Three classrooms in all were worked by an environmental remediation company and pronounced clean. Other classrooms are now being investigated.

Because mold spores are not visible to the naked eye, are samples are taken to determine the types of mold present. The types are determined by laboratory analysis of the air samples. Knowing the type can help in assessing the exposure and severity of human exposure. After remediation, comparison samples are typically taken to help ensure that mold has been successfully removed. Hopefully the problem has been handled in Lodi Unified School District at Julia Morgan Elementary School.

Mold exposure can cause respiratory symptoms, especially in the ill, the elderly and children.

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