Toxic mold in UC Santa Cruz Housing

UCSC is going to court for failing to fix the mold problem in a family housing apartment, after a family member developed respiratory infections leading to four hospitalizations.

The family believes the apartment’s toxic mold is responsible for the respiratory problem beginning in October 2011.

The lawsuit is seeking an excess of $25,000. An independent mold inspection firm found five types of toxic mold known to cause the type of severe asthma and allergic rhinitis which their daughter developed. She was treated at Stanford’s pediatric intensive care unit four times beginning in October 2011, four months after the family moved in.

After the families inspector revealed showed five types of toxic mold growing in their apartment, the university’s own inspection showed damage, at which time the family was transferred by the university to a hotel.

Since March 2009, residents have protested substandard living conditions, and 142 resident signatures were collected from students with units infested with mold.

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