There’s a legal case going on that you might be interested in if you have one of those newfangled high efficiency front-loading washers. The new type of steam-creating washers tends to accumulate mold and mildew in its innards, and creates a smelly odor that permeates clothes that are washed in the affected washing machines.

There’s a class action lawsuit filed right now against a certain manufacturer that could affect 150,000 to 200,000 consumers in Ohio alone. THe lawsuit claims that the company knew about design defects beforehand, and didn’t inform consumers. The company in question says that the consumers are at fault because they failed to follow instructions, plus the consumers failed to notify the company, which offers a free repair, reimbursement, replacement machine or other remedy.

What do you think? Is it worth trading up to one of these steamer machines if there’s a possibility your clothes will come out with a case of the stinks?

About.Com has some maintenance solutions for front-loading machines. They apparently take a little extra care than the top-loading kind.

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