Is spraying enough?

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My apt had mold in hall area & bedroom closet. Maintenance sprayed & some returned.Also, we just discovered mold in vents in bedroom & wet spots on ceilng & wall. 2 family members got sinusitis. Are we in danger?

Human response to mold infestation is very individualized.

The immune response can be allergic in nature, or it can be due to exposure to mycotoxins, if the mold happens to be one that excretes mycotoxins. Sinusitis is an allergic reaction which will probably disappear when the allergen/source is pinpointed and removed.

When mold needs to be removed, “spraying” is not an adequate solution, especially if the mold is invasive and not superficial.

In addition to the wet spots, the source of the wet spots should be located and dealt with. Once the leak is eliminated, and the remediation complete, and all of the spores vacuumed or otherwise removed from the vents, the family members will probably no longer demonstrate sinusitis…unless they show the same symptoms when they are outdoors. You cannot expect the indoor atmosphere to be less spore-ridden than the outdoor atmosphere which is the baseline.

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