Toxic Terminology

Home owners should have a moldy bone to pick with the government.

This is because toxic mold has infested a large percentage of American Homes. The Government does not acknowledge that mold is toxic, and this refusal to admit the problem limits the recourse available to those afflicted.

Here is part of the problem: the mold does not have to be toxic to humans to make a house unlivable.

For most molds, the ingredients of the average house are delicious. All that cellulose that goes into a house is food for mold. All the mold needs is a little water, and for mold, it is like the biggest all you can eat Vegas-style buffet you can imagine. And as mold eats away at a house (sometimes quietly, sometimes not), it also eats away at a house’s suitability as a dwelling for people, as well as its value.

Homeowners should have some kind of recourse

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