What to do if Mold Strikes: A Mold Itinerary


  1. Investigate – Seek medical support for your allergic/immunological symptoms
  2. Inventory – Make a written inventory of everything that is damaged, and make sure to record any expenses such as moving, storage and clean-up.
  3. Identify – Keep a photographic record of the inventory
  4. Inventory Correspondence – keep all communications, and record date, details, and time.
  5. Inquiry – Have professional testing done to identify the type and degree of mold that is affecting the property. Don’t stop at air, swab, and dust sampling, but also consider options such as thermal testing which can reveal problems like water intrusion.
  6. Invoke the Experts- Hire, engage and involve toxic mold attorneys and the experts who have experience defending victims, fighting the insurance companies and in the courts.

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