Why Do I Care if Your Bathroom is Humid…

Mold loves water. Picture the airspace of your house with millions of tiny dry parachutists floating aimlessly about, each one hoping to randomly land on a wet patch.

Picture these tiny dry parachutists not flying alone, but each with a dehydrated city on its back. No, they don’t actually HAVE a dry city, but the instant this little floating astronaut is exposed to water then he comes out of suspended animation and zings to life, growing at a furious rate.

Let’s call these tiny dry airborne astronauts what they really are: mold spores. And because they are microscopic, they don’t need much water. To a microscopic spore, humidity is a lot of water. All it takes is some airborne water vapor (otherwise known as humidity) to hydrate a spore, a little yummy cellulose and it begins its life cycle.

Humidity is water intrusion on a vapor level, and it can be all it takes for the mold in your house to amplify into a big problem. It is why mildew loves your bathroom. It is why mold can take root behind the walls where humidity may be trapped, even though you may not find a direct leak.

Keep your bathrooms ventilated with free-flowing dry air. Or else you’ll have to call your friendly neighborhood mold detector and stage an intervention.

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